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Udayan Ghar (home) for Girls, Sant Nagar, supported by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Delhi

Walk to the end of Mandir Wali Gali in the busy neighbourhood of Sant Nagar, South Delhi, and you come to a building. Climb the stairs till you hear contagious giggles that could only come from a bunch of young girls full of hope for their future. Yes, you have arrived at Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar. Our very first, set up in 1996.

Ring the doorbell and scampering feet that's the 12 Udayans- race to open the door and, before you can enter, you are surrounded by cheerful 'Namastes' from girls aged 8- 17!

A few steps lead up to the Day room where dance, music and art classes as well as tuitions, are held. This is also the group therapy room, used for individual counselling. Up on the shelf is a huge stock of board games, a library, harmonium, music system and a colour TV. The supervisor and Mentor Moms sit here as girls do homework at their computers or desks.

On the other side is the dormitory with brightly painted lockers and lovely pull out two-in- one-beds, which save on space during the day! Next is the open kitchen with the eating area, where children eat at the table together, like a family.
Despite coming from a difficult past of being orphaned, abandoned or neglected, each child has developed her own individuality - some bright in academics, some great at sport, art, music and dance. While some of the girls need special care, our Mental Health expert visits the Ghar regularly and looks after the mental well being of all the girls.

Six Mentor Mothers, a social worker, supervisor and caregiver leave no stone unturned in nurturing the girls, and developing trust and confidence in them. Even children who have joined recently, have mingled so well, it seems theyve always been Udayans!
The turnaround in the young girls is hard to miss, as they receive quality education in some of Delhi's most prestigious schools, able to deal with the competitive environment, dreaming of a great future! This has been possible only due to a decade long commitment of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 

Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar has been home to many young girls in the last 16 years, who continue to maintain their bonds with their home and Mentor Mothers despite their busy lives as home-makers or career women.

Dr. Kiran Modi, Founder and Managing Trustee was the first Mentor Mother; Ms. Isabel Sahni introduced in 2001, took on the official role of Mentor Mother relatively early. Then came Ms. Uma Vasudevan and Ms. Deepa Sibal. Joining the team recently, are Ms. Pamela Bhandari and Ms. Rita Gambhir. Each does her best at parenting the young girls, responsible for raising many miracles of hope.

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