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Udayan After Care Programme
The Stepping Stone to a life of self reliance

The Need
Children being provided care and protection in children’s homes must leave at 18 years of age as per the JJ Act.
Click Here for the law and policy framework on aftercare in India.

Children who live with their biological families also find it very difficult to sustain themselves at 18years of age; they continue to stay at home with their families or under family supervision.

Educational systems, globally, also acknowledge that children need about 12 years of education till the senior school level and with one or two years of pre-primary education at the nursery and kindergarten level, a child usually has a total of 14 years of education.

Children from NGOs who have usually had a late start; many children who come to Udayan Ghars have never had formal schooling before and are unlettered. They are therefore not equipped to fend for themselves at 18 years.

Udayan Care’s After Care Programme is a pioneering effort in providing young adults the opportunity of independent living within the security of their Udayan family umbrella. We have an After Care facility for older girls at our Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida. Recently some of our young boys have also begun living in a separate flat with continued supervision by their Mentor Parents. Many of our older children also stay at the hostel facilities in their colleges and universities, while continuing to be under the care of their Udayan family.

The Goal
The aim of the programme is to provide a secure stepping stone towards self reliance for the young adults. They are supported through their higher education needs, career guidance, as well as encouraged to take up part time jobs and even manage an independent kitchen in order to equip them for the future.

Within a few years our children attain both the skills and the confidence to move out into the world.

The Outcome and Impact
Over the years the After Care Programme has grown with 24 Udayans coming in from our Udayan Ghars. As an 18 year old organization we are also just beginning to get our first crop of working youngsters and home makers.

  • 14 of our young adults are following professional courses in subjects like Marketing, Hotel Management, Commercial Art, Fashion Technology, Media & Communications and Engineering among others.
  • 14 of our girls and boys have flown the nest and are placed in good jobs with prestigious corporate like Amazon and Mariott Hotels
  • 13 of our young girls are married and raising families of their own. Today the Udayan Care family is proud to have seven grandchildren!

Each of them has been nurtured with love and care and are confident youngsters with a high self worth. Having experienced the warmth of their Udayan home and family not only do they continue to maintain   strong bonds with them, they are also eager to give back to  their Udayan family and siblings.

Your Support?
You can support our After Care programme and ensure our young adults the security and support of a family as they build their futures. To contribute click here.
Udayan Care has initiated a program called SYLC (Supporting Youth Leaving Care), where it invites participation of all stakeholders including youth from other child care institutions in care in Delhi.
For more information call at 011-46548105/6 or email ucaftercare@udayancare.org /sylc@udayancare.org