The responsibilities of the team working with children at Udayan Ghars (homes) require sustainable capacity building efforts at different levels - Mentor Parents, social workers and in-house care staff.

Handling the emotions and at times, trauma of children - each of a different personality, coming from different backgrounds and experiences - needs our care staff to go through intensive training.

Workshops with children to enhance their life skills and career orientation, are also a regular feature at our foster homes.

For Children
Children participate in meetings to help build capacities on various aspects be it related to their Ghars, displaying positive behaviour or being motivated to study and excel. Workshops on sharing, caring, non violence help develop their team spirit and sibling bonding. Several interactions with professional resource people help answer various career related queries playing on their young minds. Some sessions on public speaking, presentation skills, developing self confidence, and choosing the right career, are also conducted by experts.

For Mentor Parents, Social Workers and Caregivers
Day to day issues like behavior and academics, issues regarding overall care and protection of children and legal aspects pertaining to children's rights are discussed regularly by experts or in house trainers with Mentor Parents, social workers and care staff.

While most Mentor Parents have raised their own families, these workshops help them parent children coming from difficult backgrounds while bringing organizational learnings to their Ghars.

Workshops for professional staff increase their awareness about children's medical needs, trauma issues and developmental milestones, thus helping them understand and care for the children better.

The care-givers, who are with children 24x7 and play an important role in their lives, receive ongoing training on how to deal with children's issues.