Integral to children's overall development is striking a balance between academics and recreation. Like all families, the Udayan Care family also strives to give children opportunities to develop their potential during childhood, while having fun too!

Through sport, art, public speaking, dance and many more activities, Mentor Parents have been able to identify individual talent enabling children to hone their creativity.

Participating in different activities helps children discover their interests and capabilities, developing confidence and self-esteem.

Exposure to Arts and Entertainment
From films to the Arts, theatre and dance forms children are exposed to all and given ample opportunity to display their talent. Our resident volunteers from overseas teach children forms of dance like jazz and ballet, with children even putting up performances with all that they learn. View the Pictures.

Camps and Vacations
Vacations are a time when most families plan family holidays or outings. To ensure children at Udayan Ghars also enjoy this aspect of family bonding, Summer and Winter Camps are organized every year.

Usually held at Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida, camps fill the home with the chatter and giggles of the young girls and boys. Camps are a great way for children to gather new experiences as they learn new skills from experts origami, theatre, puppetry, film making among others. View the Pictures

Travel and Exposure Visits
Vacation time is also filled with outstation visits. Children have enjoyed holidays in India and overseas to Singapore and Australia, courtesy our corporate partners and International volunteers!
View the Pictures

Many schools, colleges and corporates offer our children opportunities to develop their sporting abilities, helping their all round development tremendously.

The adidas Group Udayan Care Sports Day, being celebrated for six consecutive years has children from all 12 Udayan Ghars, dressed in new sports gear, enthusiastically participating e in shoe box races, belly balloon races and the more serious relays, all with large doses of team spirit!

Children from Udayan Ghars also participate in their own schools sporting events, coming home with medals! View the Pictures

Festivals and Birthdays
Udayan Ghars celebrate with gusto all Indian festivals and even those which our volunteers from overseas bring home with them! Diwali, Eid, Christmas and Gurupurab, Bhai Dhuj and Holi are celebrated with equal fervor. Rakhi brings the spirit of togetherness of the Udayan Ghars with handmade rakhis and a lot of love.

The kindness of many people ensures our children celebrate their birthdays just as children their age would. Of course, the multiple birthday cakes, endless treats, new clothes and visits from well wishers make them much more special! View the Pictures