For individuals residing in India there are a number of ways to get involved


The cornerstone of all our programmes, mentoring, allows you the opportunity of guiding a younger person towards their potential and helping fulfill their dreams.

Be a Mentor Parent to Children at an Udayan Ghar (Home)
As a Mentor Parent you would do just what a parent does - give children a warm hug to soothe their emotional trauma and pain, run to the doctor when a child falls ill and just be there to make them feel secure.

We invite individuals with a rich experience in parenting their own children to voluntarily commit themselves commit themselves to bringing up children at Udayan Ghars. All you need as your strongest motivation is compassion

Mentor Parents supervise the childrens education, health and nutrition, organise co-curricular activities, outings and workshops, while being responsible for imparting good values to them . Although Mentor Parents do not live with the children, they form part and parcel of their everyday lives.

Since being a Mentor Parent involves deep commitment, you begin by spending regular time with children at an Udayan Ghar. You will be guided by a more experienced mentor into sharing your love, skills and values with the children. A mentor parent volunteers about 6-8 hours a week.

SIGN UP now! Remember fathers are parents too!

Mentor an Udayan Shalini Fellow

Through the Udayan Shalini Fellowships (USF) , we enable young girls to continue higher education. The Idea is to develop the girls to be capable and independent, while enabling academic excellence.

As an Udayan Shalini Mentor, you would encourage girls to focus on their future. You would provide individual attention, counselling and grooming to the fellows. A Mentor's main purpose is to help a young person define individual goals and find ways to achieve them.

If you are an educationist , former principal, professor or teacher, or a professional and willing to commit your time and effort to mentor our fellows, you can SIGN UP as a USF Mentor

As a Mentor you would devote 6-8 hours per month with the fellows assigned to you.

There are many more ways you can volunteer at Udayan Care.

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  • Building individual capabilities and improving skills - to ensure childrens holistic development, helping them build self-confidence and a sense of identity and belonging in the home, improving their written and spoken English, helping with schoolwork or teaching the ARTs, Computers and important life skills.
  • Creating opportunities for exposure and entertainment like taking children for outings, excursions and other fun events.
  • Research & Documentation related to social, psychological, cognitive development and health of the children at Udayan Ghars. This involves proposing ways to overcome deficiencies, researching the efficacy of our other programmes, researching on relevant topics and bringing in different perspectives to aid our programmes
  • Capacity Building and strengthening systems within the organization like assisting communications team, developing management or IT systems for the organization, identifying training needs and developing programmes for Udayan Care staff.
  • Developing linkages and funding proposals Developing, supporting and strengthening partnerships with other organizations and countries for volunteers and resources initiating ties between Udayan Care and other NGOs, universities funding organizations and corporates, writing proposals for grants and building capacity of the staff and volunteers on these aspects.
  • One off specific projects which require highly skilled volunteers.