An outstanding testimony to Udayan Cares belief in collective action for restoring childrens rights, Udayan Ghars (homes) have enabled great civil society participation in the form of Mentor Parents.

Ordinary individuals with extraordinary sensitivity and commitment are the very foundation of Udayan Ghars and just like parents many of us are blessed with.

As lifetime volunteers, they nurture erstwhile orphaned or abandoned children as their own. They are with them in times of celebration and despair, enjoying all joys of parenthood ensuring children good education, attending PTAs, feeling pride at childrens successes and at times anxiety at their failures, getting children married and indulging their Udayan grandchildren!

Many Mentor Parents confess that experiencing the empty nest feeling after their own children grew up and left or going through a personal tragedy, they just came to spend their time with children. Once at Udayan Ghars, they realised they wanted to do so much more for the children that they took on Parenting all over again!

Girls at Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar are growing up with their six Mentor Mothers.

Instrumental in setting up Udayan Ghar in Sant Nagar, Delhithe very first one of its kind. Dr. Kiran Modi, likes to see the smiles and dreams back in childrens eyes. A person of varied experience, her passion lies in the cause of vulnerable children. While the Managing Trustee at Udayan Care and Liver Care, for our Udayan children, she will always be the fond Bua (Aunt)!

Ms. Isabel Sahni came to Udayan Ghar as a volunteer in 2001 and before she knew it, had graduated to a Mentor Mom! Exposed to the joys of a large family in the English countryside, marriage brought her to India 40 years ago! As she says, each day the girls have filled my life with joy, giving me another family, a really large one this time! Her commitment and parenting skills make her extremely endearing to the girls and to the Udayan Care family.

Deeply affected by the plight of children who had no one to call their own, Ms. Uma Vasudevan was introduced to Udayan Care by Ms. Dolly Anand, a friend who was a Mentor Mother at Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli. Initially volunteering her time, she took on the role of Mentor Mother. Today, even at the age of 72, Uma Vasudevan takes her role very seriously. A qualified teacher, she ensures children enjoy their rights while understanding their responsibilities, working hard to achieve their ambitions.

When life took an unexpected turn, Ms. Deepa Sibal, showed great courage and invested all her energy in nurturing the young girls at Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar. Ensuring them with a sense of belonging and stability is a challenge she deals with everyday. However, witnessing the achievements of children and the milestones they have been able to cross makes the ride worthwhile!

Ms. Rita Gambhir, joined as Mentor Mother for the Sant Nagar Home in 2010. From the time she became a part of the Udayan family she has been a devoted, loving and caring mother to all the girls and has been there pillar of support in times of need. She loves doing various activities with the children and ensures their well being by closely supervising their health matters.

Ms. Pamela Bhandari, joined Udayan Ghar as a Mentor Mother for the Sant Ngar girls along with Ms. Rita Gambhir in 2010. Though ensuring health and protection of 12 girls together is not an easy task but she believes in bringing out the fun side of every tough job. With her unmatched zeal and potential she has been taking best care of all the girls and is one of the “Best Mom” as according to them.

Boys at both Udayan Ghars, Mayur Vihar rely strongly on their Mentor Parents during all of lives ups and downs

While fulfilling what for her was a lifelong dream, Ms. Madhu Gupta has been instrumental in enabling the expansion of Udayan Ghars. Starting Udayan Ghar in Mayur Vihar in 1999, the first Udayan Ghar for boys, she now manages two Udayan Ghars for erstwhile orphaned or abandoned boys. With more than 30 children under her care, including those finding their place in the world, she believes watching them grow into mature individuals who stand on their own feet and face the world, is really satisfying.

A medical doctor by profession,Dr. D.K. Sharma, was initially skeptical in taking on the role of Mentor Father. However, urged by Dr. Kiran Modi and truly inspired by Ms. Madhu Gupta, Dr Sharma joined us as Mentor Father to the boys at both Udayan Ghars, Mayur Vihar. Despite his tight schedule as a doctor, Dr. Sharma always makes time for the young boys. Today, even after so many years he still feels he is not been able to do enough and his biggest challenge is ensuring the boys enjoy good health!


The young girls at Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli, more than a handful for most, are nurtured by a group of extremely dedicated Mentor Moms!

Keen on working with children, Ms. Dolly Anands search brought her to Udayan Care in 1999. Her decision to become a Mentor Mother was almost instantaneous. Her own children being busy with their families, being a Mentor Mother enables Dolly Anand to fulfill the need for sharing maternal love, especially with children who are in need of care and protection. Her devotion and energy reflect in everything, including breaking all records in winning the hearts of the girls and inspiring many more dedicated women now Udayan Care Mentor Moms!

A fulfilling working life and children well settled, Mrs. Usha Partap Singh felt the need to give back to society, culminating in her being Mentor Mother to girls at Udayan Ghar Mehrauli since 1999. Beginning in 1999, even daunting illness has not deterred the decade long bond between us that has made us family. Each experience as a Mentor Mother has been extremely fulfilling for her and the fact that even children who have grown up and begun their own lives still come back home for festivals, celebrations or just a chat has been my biggest joy.

Being a teacher, Ms. Brinda Syali always loved being with children. In 1999, inspired by Ms. Teji Anand, her senior, she came aboard as Mentor Mother with the chance to continue interacting with children. She feels she has got so much more at Udayan Ghars and from the girls. As a Mentor Mother, she continues to groom the girls, ensuring their success!

Ms. Aneesha Wadhwa joined Udayan Care in 2002 as a volunteer at Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli and today she is Udayan Cares youngest Mentor Mother. They've become the all-girl family I love, were growing together with each passing year the older girls are slowly becoming companions, whilst the younger ones are a joy to help nurture!

Ms. Viba Bahl A successful entrepreneur, Vibha Bahl sold her company and with a view to doing ‘something meaningful’. She came across Udayan Care and was impressed by the work being done by the mentor mothers and joined as a volunteer. What really won her over was the unconditional welcome and the love given by the girls at the Mehrauli home. As the newest mentor mother she brings her values of hard work and a desire to achieve to the girls 

Ms. Indu Bhalla joined Udayan Care in 2012 making her the sixth mentor mother for the girls of Mehrauli Home. The girls have been really lucky to have so many mothers and Ms. Indu Bhalla considered herself lucky to have 12 daughters. Be it celebrating their birthdays or helping them during their exams she has always been there by their side with full dedication.

The largest Udayan Ghar with, Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida, rings with the giggles of 41 girls, under the care of Deepak and Sunita Sharma as Mentor Parents. Mr. Deepak Sharma left his job with the Tata services to join our Greater Noida home as a mentor father in August 2013. This came out of his long cherished desire to give back to the society and Udayan Care became just the right platform to accomplish his dream. Since then, Deepak ji has given out his heart and soul to make all the endeavours of our girls come true. Being a sports enthusiast himself, he goes all the way to mix sports with academics bringing great joy to our girls.

Dr. Sunita Sharma, following her husband, joined the Udayan Care crusade as the Mentor Mother for Greater Noida home. She, with her expertise in the field of medicine, brings with her, years of experience to deal with children’s physiological and medical issues. She also counsels the girls from time to time for their adolescent issues. Overall, it’s been a joyous ride for our girlsas they get both their personal and academic related issues sorted at one go.

Ms. Amita Mishra, having an Advance Diploma in Child Guidance and Counseling from NIPCCD, joined Udayan Care in August 2012.  With the help of her educational background she efficiently took up her role as a Mentor Mother for both the Noida homes. She keeps no stone unturned to make sure that the boys and girls are getting her quality time and attention. Apart from making wonder memories together through outings, she also showers her wisdom and support to the children in times of need.

Boys at Sat Krishna Udayan Ghar, Gurgaon, are nurtured by a dedicated Mentor Mothers. Many of them are living a life of independence!

One meeting with Dr. Kiran Modi was all it took to move Ms. Arti Kapur to come aboard as Mentor Mother. Parenting the boys since 2004, she has earned the implicit trust of children along with their unconditional love both of which motivate her to continue striving as a Mentor Mother. Enthusiastically involved in the activities of the boys, especially their education, at the Udayan Ghar, Gurgaon she ensures that they dont lose out on any opportunity to develop as responsible individuals.

Girls and boys at Yaakovs Light Udayan Ghars, Noida, experience a sense of stability and great comfort with their Mentor Moms

Determined to encourage young children to realise their dreams and support them in working towards their goals, Ms. Anjana Jain joined Udayan Care in 2007. Mentor Mother to boys and girls at both Udayan Ghars, Noida - she provides a sense of direction to the younger children, while inspiring older ones to believe in their abilities and fulfill their ambitions.

Ms. Aparna Goenka had been a Mentor Mother at Chattarpur Ghar since early 2010. She enjoys the freedom to work with children and takes every step to enable them to be conscious and considerate individuals. Having recently moved home, she stepped in to partner with Anjana Jain to help bring up the boys and girls of both the Noida Ghars.

The young girls at Udayan Ghar, Kurukshetra, are fortunate to have Dr. Sushma Sharma and Dr. Ram Niwas Sharma as well as Mr. Dharampal Goel as Mentor Parents.

Watching ones children grow into mature individuals is a once in a life time phenomenon. It was this very feeling that propelled Dr. Ram Niwas Sharma to come aboard as Mentor Father to young girls at Udayan Ghar, Kurukshetra, in 2004. He wants to ensure a sense of security to his Udayan daughters, which they strongly crave. Notwithstanding the hurdles, his one aim is to enable them to grow into self-assured, decisive and strong women.

Inspired by her husband, Dr. Sushama Sharma joined as a Mentor Mother in 2005. Having also begun the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Kurukshetra Chapter, in her capacity as an educationist, she was moved by Udayan Cares work. For her the Ghar is her second home and the children her second family. Helping children reach their full potential is always a challenge, but observing their progress in all fields is what I like. It is like raising a family of our own.

Mr. Dharampal Goel yearning to make a difference in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children, took on the role of Mentor Father in 2004. Like for all fathers, safety of the girls is a major concern but his sincere wish is to make them so strong that they never have to feel like they are going through life alone.

Set up just two years ago, young girls at Udayan Ghar, Jaipur already have three dedicated Mentor Mothers!

Ms. Rukmani Haldea, an IAS officer, retired as the Additional Chief Secretary in 2009. Keeping the promise she made to Dr. Kiran Modi, some years ago, on her retirement she promptly established the Udayan Ghar Jaipur, for girls. She also readily committed herself as Mentor Mother to the young girls!

Calling Udayan Ghar, Jaipur her happy place, Ms. Sheetal Bahri treasures every moment spent with the girls. Her biggest challenge is earning the trust of the children, who, having faced extreme hardships at a tender age and are wary of people. But the sheer joy of being involved in their upbringing makes her go that extra mile. An avid reader, she is at her happiest when children take a genuine interest in books!

As Ms. Madhu Jhala, says, I have always had a dream to facilitate something like this and my dream came true when the Udayan Ghar was set up right in my neighborhood!Though a Mentor Mother for only a year, Ms. Madhu Jhala realized that a lot of effort goes into working with kids, especially if they come from a background where they have lost trust and confidence in themselves and those around them. So when I see them happy and smiling I feel a great inner satisfaction!

Udayan Ghar, Ghaziabad has a very committed Mentor Mom for the young girls.

Ms. Meena Bulchandanis tryst with Udayan Care began when her company partnered Udayan Care as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. Eager to make a difference to the lives of children, she stayed on to further her companys partnership, donning the hat of a Mentor Mother! Being from the corporate world, Udayan Ghar was a completely new challenge! From helping children come to terms with the loss of their parents to imparting valuable lessons in acceptance and trust, she takes every step to ensure that the children feel safe and loved.

Set up in 2009, Udayan Ghar, New Mehrauli has 3 loving and very committed Mentor Moms for the little girls.

A resolve to abandon her role as a passive observer and find a purpose to her life, drove Ms. Abha Jaipuria to Udayan Care in 2009. As a proud Mentor Mother, she plays an active role to make sure that not only are all children nurtured to be responsible adults, but they also give their best to any opportunity that presents itself.

Ms. Sarita Sachdev, joined Udayan Ghar, Chattarpur as a Mentor Mother in 2010, just as it started. Since I have always done voluntary work with children in need, coming to Udayan Care seemed very natural. While she enjoys interacting with children she feels, getting them interested in studies is my biggest challenge!