Udayan Ghars were set up with clear objectives encompassing the best interests of children who are orphaned or abandoned, motivating involvement of individuals, society and the government towards development of children in need of care and protection.


  • To promote social, individual and legal initiatives to set up homes in different parts of India for the purpose of rehabilitation and development of orphaned and abandoned children
  • To test and demonstrate a model of quality childcare and rehabilitation through the strategies of Group Foster Care, Mentoring and L.I.F.E ( Living In Family Environment)
  • To work consistently for policy and institutional reforms to enhance State accountability in relation to foster care, rehabilitation and development of children in need of care and protection
  • To promote inclusion of such children into mainstream society by encouraging community participation in their upbringing
  • To educate children in the best tradition of learning and inculcate human values in them so that the children can make a positive difference when they assume their place as adults in society


  • Children and youngsters are enrolled in the best schools
  • Children are trained in vocations of their choice, to hone their talent
  • Once ready to begin work, they are gainfully employed, have a career andbecome economically independent
  • To develop skills that prepare them for independent living as adults
  • Udayan Ghar children are emotionally resilient and able to form healthy adult relationships and have a family life
  • Children from Udayan Ghars are law abiding citizens
  • Our children believe in diversity, andrespect people of all castes, class, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds.
  • Children from Udayan Ghars become socially responsible, with values that reflect caring and support of others rather than being individualistic

Our appreciation to the thousands of individuals and corporates across the globe whose support has ensured our childrens success in all spheres, be it academic, professional or starting their own families.