If you have access to a computer and the Internet coupled with the right skills, Udayan Care offers online volunteering opportunities to help you make the most of your time. Online volunteering is perfect if you have limited time, difficulty in travelling or household obligations.

Whether you are an executive, a student, a homemaker or just a group of friends you can share your talent , creativity and knowledge from anywhere in the world by signing up as an online volunteer with us.

As an online volunteer, your skills could be as varied as :

  • Knowledge about Programme Management
  • Content writing
  • Expertise in law
  • Understanding of child development and human development
  • Issues in India
  • Research

As an online volunteer you can choose from many interesting options
Depending on your skills, you could contribute to our mission by:

  • Giving us legal advice about various issues pertaining to our different programmes
  • Conducting research studies on issues, ACTS and policies related to children, education , Acts
  • Identifying professionals and people interested in the care and study of institutionalised children through all the South Asian countries, spreading the message about the journal Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond (ICEB), developing research and submitting articles.
  • Guiding us on architecture and designing of Udayan Ghars
  • Creating communication material to help us take our message forward
  • Helping us develop our fund raising strategies
  • Helping us develop new partnerships with individuals. corporates, educational institutes, hospitals
  • Coming aboard as an e-volunteer to our children at Udayan Ghars

To make the most of your time from anywhere in the world SIGN UP

For more information email us at volunteers@udayancare.org