We welcome overseas volunteers and see their ability to share their culture, skills and experience as invaluable for Udayan Ghar children, our Shalinis and the organisation. Derive the maximum value from your stay in India as you help show our youngsters the world through your eyes.

Overseas Volunteer Engagement

As an overseas volunteer at Udayan Care you would engage with the Udayan Ghar (homes) programme or the Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme(USF). You could also assist us in the office.

We have 13 Udayan Ghars in Delhi & its surrounding areas, Gurgaon, NOIDA and Greater NOIDA, Jaipur, Kurukshetra and Ghaziabad. Each Ghar is home to 12-14 children with separate homes for girls and boys. You can choose to volunteer at any one of these homes.

USF is present across 10 Chapters Delhi Dehradun Kolkata Kurukshetra Aurangabad Phagwara Haridwar Gurgaon Hyderabad Jaipur. If you sign up as a volunteer for USF, you can choose to be placed at any one of these Chapters.

In addition to volunteering with Udayan Care programmes, you can support our head office in areas like fund raising, communications, human resource management and research.


If volunteering at Udayan Ghars, you can choose to be a residential volunteer and stay at the home. If you prefer, you can stay at budget lodgings.

Twin sharing rooms are available for residential volunteers at the following Udayan Ghars (homes):

Girls Homes

Sant Nagar Greater Noida, Noida , Mehrauli , Ghaziabad, Jaipur and Kurukshetra

Boys Homes

Mayur Vihar Gurgaon and Noida.

As a USF volunteer you would stay at budget lodgings and commute to the

project. We can assist in arranging safe accommodation.

As a volunteer, you would support all the costs of your stay. Udayan Care would not be in a position to support these costs.


We would prefer you to spend a minimum of 3-4 weeks with us. This helps bonding between you and the children, allowing you to create more value out of your volunteering experience.

You are welcome to stay longer- some of our overseas volunteers have stayed with us for a year becoming a valuable part of the Udayan Care family. Many have returned to volunteer with their Ghars a second and third time!

We are very fortunate to have had volunteers from many countries around the world including, Australia, USA, Holland, Denmark, Finland, England, Switzerland, Canada, France and Germany among others.

To know about the experiences of Udayan Care volunteers, you can visit us on Great Non Profits, or email us with your name, countryof residence and your volunteering preferences.

For further information read our FAQs section or contact us on +91- 11-46548105/6 or email volunteers@udayancare.org