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Pragnya programme was launched in 2015 in the remembrance of our beloved patron Shri. Suresh Neotia*, to financially empower the meritorious to pursue their education goals, while also inculcating in them an attitude of giving back to the society. With an equal emphasis on merit and need, this fellowship program intends to support post-graduate studies by giving flexible soft-loans to individuals.

The scholarships is given in the form of loans with low interest rates that cover administrative costs in subsequent years. The payback schedule will be flexible, depending on the employability and the income status of the student borrower. While tuition fees and educational expenses will be covered completely (subject to a ceiling), associated costs will be covered partially. The student will be insured for financial security of the invested sum. The scholarship renewal will ensure that the student meets the performance parameters.

Unique aspects of the programme

a. Removes Barriers to Education

• Selects students from low income backgrounds who show special gifts and academic promise

• Places equal emphasis on merit and need

• Grants selected Fellows flexible loan scholarships for their PG courses

• Gives low interest loans (only 4%) with EMIs starting 6 months post course completion to allow Fellow time to find suitable employment.

b. Equips Fellows for Success

• Connects Fellows with successful professionals as Mentors

• Mentors provide Fellows counselling, career planning support and help with self development

• Ensures that Mentors stay with the Fellows until Fellows are professionally settled

c. Fosters a Spirit of Giving Back

• Requires Fellows to mentor juniors in the second year of their fellowship

• Encourages Fellows to volunteer hours toward community work and social causes.