Many of our children see the inside of a classroom only after coming to an Udayan Ghar (home). At Udayan Care, we make every effort to admit children in the best schools so that they are able to shape their personality, inculcate values and develop fully as responsible members of society.

Some of the most prestigious schools have partnered us to enroll our children. Most of them offer heavily subsidised fees while some even offer complete fee waivers. Their belief in our work has been indispensible in ensuring our children their right to quality education.

Schools our children are enrolled in 2012-13

Excelling at School
With admissions in good schools, children begin to excel in the academic and extracurricular arena. While children take to sport, art, music, public speaking quickly, even 'difficult' subjects like Maths and Science gradually become enjoyable.

School itself becomes second home and peers, an extended family for them. Children who need to bridge the gap are home tutored to prepare them for admission in school.

Mentor Parents and volunteers assist children with homework. We engage tutors for children needing extra help with academics. It's no wonder then that children perform well at school including their Board exams! Many go on to join prestigious universities/colleges pursuing higher education.

Ensuring Opportunities for Children with Special Needs
At times, despite all efforts a child is unable to pick up academically either due to a late start or being a slow learner. We look into the child's particular need and may admit him/her in Open School through the National Institute of Open School, or arrange training in a vocation of their choice.

Higher Education for Udayans in After Care
For the young adults in our Aftercare Programme - Jagshanti Udayan Ghar, Greater Noida, we support higher education, depending on the opportunity the girls receive and budgets available. Subjects chosen for higher studies have been as wide ranging as Travel and Tourism, Hotel Management, Engineering, Fashion Design and Journalism.

Some of them are also exploring job opportunities to begin a life of independence.

Taking forward the message of Child Rights
With integration being the goal, our children's enrollment and excelling in the best schools spreads the Child Rights message among civil society. Constant interaction with the children's peers and teachers make the acceptance of our children in school and society easier, paving the way for others like them.

You can Support an Education
You can support a child's education. Rs.2,000/- per month is all it takes. Schools and educational Institutes can waive off /subsidise the fee, volunteers can teach our children various subjects like Maths, English, Economics, Accounts and help them excel at academics.