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The Udayans

A bimonthly newsletter written wholeheartedly by young people from children's homes

Unquestionably a champion

Si's family tragedy gave her a big heart and even bigger dreams

‘This is the worst moment of my life.’ Si’s father had already begun to hate his life, spiraling into a depression that incapacitated him, disabling him from working in the mercury factory and draining his family of their only source of income. It must have been a grand love, between him and his wife, as her sudden death from a ravenous illness pulled him immediately into a dark and sad place. Without any income coming into the family, Si and her four sisters could no longer afford to go to school, worse yet Si’s eldest sister had to assume all of the household responsibilities, becoming a fully fledged mother-figure and household manager at the age of 12. Watching his children as the sun scorched overhead, at home when they should have been at school, falling further and further behind in there studies with every new day, their father felt his life reach its absolute lowest point, a point he was never truly rescued from.

Si and her sisters continued in this way for a while but soon everything was about to change as the disease that steals many parents from their children every day in India, that horrid, slow killer called tuberculosis, killed her father also. She and her sisters ended up in an Udayan Care home and were lucky enough to all live together. Si is the youngest one, 15 this year, with the faintest memories of her parents and the fewest details about their deaths, but she clings to every story of her childhood and her parents, told to her by her sisters. Whether accurate or not, the stories have fuelled her great desire for success, given her a tremendously selfless heart and seen her go from strength to strength in her schooling... Read More

Editors letter

A mother of education

The Udayans is a newsletter written by the children of Udayan Care. These children come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many never exposed to letters, much less English, before coming into an alternative care system like Udayan Care. The Udayans is the testimony of the resilience of children, their ability to battle and to take charge of their lives. It is the free creative expression of children.

We hope that through The Udayans these children will develop a voice, which will be heard beyond their immediate circles, appreciated, lauded and encouraged by one and all. They write about their personal journeys, interests, passions and dreams. We hope this will resonate with you. Feel free to send the young editors your critique, suggestions and even your own stories.

Here’s wishing The Udayans and its young team lots of success.

Dr. Kiran Modi
Managing Trustee
Udayan Care

Dreams and ambitions

Caring for helpless animals

I remember the day when I felt something for them. I was about seven years old and sitting in the back seat of a car on the founder of Udayan Care ‘Bua’ Kiran Modi’s lap when I looked out the window and saw a poor lady begging people for money and food to eat. At the same time I saw a cow that hurt its leg and was bleeding and couldn’t walk properly. With tears in my eyes I asked a question to Bua...
Read More.

Udayans Top Five Songs

1. Khuda Jaane Ke 
2. Love Dose: Yo! Yo! Honey Singh
3. Naina Re: Himesh Reshamiya
4. Hamdard: Arjit Singh
5. Jumme Ki Raat: Salman Khan

True Story

Ri's escape from 'home'

Ri didn’t have any cooked plan to run away from her family, but after the death of her father, there were several violent fights at her home, mostly over money. Soon after, one of her uncles took her, her mother and her siblings to live with him. This uncle developed a romantic relationship with her mother for which Ri had a strong disapprove...Read More.

Literature: short fiction

Love you, Your brother

That dreadful night, I turned over in my bed and saw in the mirror a lady with waist-length hair, red-shaded, penetrating nails and the face of a blood prince standing behind me with dark, yellow and scary eyes. I was shocked and I couldn’t resist but to shout out loud and hide my eyes. I told myself it was my imagination and when I opened my eyes again she was gone... Read More

Reviews: Book

The Hunger Games

This book is a story of a young girl who tests her courage, will, determination, power and zest to live with freedom... Read More.


Pooja, 21 – Feature writer
Muskan, 15 – Literary editor
Sheetal, 15 – Book reviewer
Suchita, 21 – Feature writer
Jyoti, 18 – Short fiction writer
Germeet, 21 – Editorial consultant
Komal, 20 – Review Editor

The Udayans is both electronic and in print. If you are part of an organisation or know young people and children in institutional care who would like to tell us their story or contribute in some way please email us now at

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