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Greenply Udayan Ghar (home) for girls, Ghaziabad

"My little girls at Udayan Ghar, Ghaziabad," is how Ms. Meena Bulchandani, Mentor Mom, describes the children under her care. Aged 6-12 years, the girls had come to Udayan Ghar, Ghaziabad, either because they had been orphaned or had very difficult family circumstances. They came as quiet kids - vulnerable, uncertain, choosing to remain in their own little shells, almost scared of wanting to know what lay ahead of them.

Many of them had never been to school, and though the Ghar had been set up only recently, home tuitions were organised immediately for the girls, so they do not miss out on education. Now all the girls are studying in school varying from KG to Class II, transformed into a happy bunch of social kids -full of life, having built an overwhelming sense of kinship with each other, always ready to take on new experiences and challenges with a smile!

Ask the little ones what they like and they answer in chorus, "We love our home. Its big, we have a study room, a dining room and we love everyone in our family." The youngest of them, only 6, says she loves food and with gleaming eyes proudly confesses that she love pizzas and burgers and gulab jamun during festivals! Her older, slightly more mature sibling quickly adds. "We eat Karela also, kyonki woh khoon saaf karta hai!"

All the girls are doing well in academics and various extracurricular activities. They all have ambitious goals like becoming doctors, nurses, teachers. They say they want to help people just like Meena didi, their Mentor Mom does. The support of Green Ply Industries Ltd., our long term partners, has been invaluable in the progress of the young girls.

As Meena Bulchandani shares, "I always believed every child is a miracle of hope and deserves a chance. Today, I know that I might not be able to save the world, but Ive certainly made a small difference somewhere."

The home being supported by Greenply Industries Ltd, children additional outings and mentoring from their employees and promoters.

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