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Sat Krishna Udayan Ghar (home) for Boys, Gurgaon

Narsinghpur village, 10 kms from the IFFCO Metro Station in Delhi's neighbouring state of Haryana, houses Sat Krishna Udayan Ghar, Gurgaon. The approach may not appear neat and beautiful, but as you near Udayan Ghar, you cant help take a few minutes to admire the quaint dome that juts out of the well planned home.

When you enter, you are greeted by a host of young boys and Jimmy and Scooby, the loving Labrador and Spitz who are very much part of the Udayan family here! You might even be swept away by a tricycle or two with energetic young boys racing down the ramp connecting the entrance to the other end of the Ghar!

This foster care home has been built by Arti & Ashok Kapur and is supported by their Sat Krishna Trust. Both Arti Kapur and Pooja Khullar have done their utmost as Mentor Mothers to raise the young boys with love and care. The youngsters have their share of disagreements and teasing each other, while, as they say we quickly become friends again!

With beautiful green patches, flowers and a well maintained kitchen garden, its clear that they are truly house- proud. Thats Ranjan and Lily Ghosh, Papa and Mummy to the young boys, looking after their everyday needs. Mummy Lily is up early to pack tiffins for school and ready to help boys complete homework when they are back. In between, she rustles up exciting meals!

Once inside, you can choose where you wish to be seated in the office room with the dome roof, the children's common room where they watch TV, carry out group activities and meet with the Mental Health expert, or the open kitchen with the dining room where the boys sit together, sometimes helping Lily. In fact, it was in this very kitchen that Jagpal Udayan, our miracle of hope discovered his passion for cooking, with his Mummy. You can even choose the terrace bathed in sunlight, warm and inviting on a winter afternoon!

There are 4 lovely bedrooms, each with 4-5 beds, children's cupboards and their individual study tables. Children also have a computer room and tuition rooms where they do homework. There is a separate playroom where the boys play indoor games, chess and table tennis being favourites! The large open space in front of and behind the Ghar, is a great advantage for the youngsters who love cricket, soccer and other sport.

With a spacious room for volunteers, this Ghar has a continuous stream of overseas volunteers sharing their time and skills with the boys.The schools in the vicinity have been extremely supportive of Udayan Care's work and have willingly enrolled the boys for education.

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