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Yaakovs Light Udayan Ghar (home) for Girls, Kurukshetra

Udayan Ghar, Kurukshetra is Udayan Cares very first foster home outside Delhi & the NCR region. One might wonder why "Kurukshetra"? Udayan Care realised that there are children in every part of India who are orphaned or abandoned and deserve a home and family. What is vital is even a single individual who is ready to take on the challenge to set up a home and nurture young lives

In Kurukshetra, we found not just one, but three such dedicated individuals, who took up this responsibility and live up to the challenge every day! Dr. (Ms.) Sushama Sharma and her husband Dr. Ram Sharma and Mr. Dharampal Goel. They make every effort to ensure their little Udayan daughters receive the best education, grow with confidence and become strong individuals. Yaakovs Light Foundation, once again, helped and this is the 3rd foster home funded by Grin Foundation, and Angelina Grin, a proud mother to 30 children, including the 2 Udayan Ghars in Noida and this home.

Varying in ages from 10-14, the girls enjoy academics while also excelling in arts, crafts and painting and like many little girls they love their dolls and have even taken to making dolls clothes! The large library at home with many different kinds of books, gives them wide exposure and even adds excitement and fun! No wonder, many of them are already young miracles of hope. House proud, they also help in household chores, to the huge relief of the caregiver, who is forever ready to teach them cooking and cleaning! A dedicated social worker takes care of all the legal and psycholgical issues pertaining to the children.

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