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Udayan Ghar (home) for Boys, Mayur Vihar, Delhi

An almost instantaneous decision by Ms. Madhu Gupta after visiting Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar, was the foundation of Udayan Ghar, Mayur Vihar, Udayan Care's second home; the first for boys, in 1999. An entrepreneur by profession and keen on working with children, Udayan Ghar, Mayur Vihar rests on Ms. Madhu Gupta's deep commitment. Even before the home was set up, she took in the first little boy and ensured he stayed at Udayan Ghar, Sant Nagar for a week. Soon more boys came in making this foster home come alive with their boisterous spirit! Boys who once felt hopeless and unhappy as they had faced abuse, neglect or a deep loss.

The Ghar is in a modest 3 bedroom, ground floor flat in a quiet part of the colony, just off the main thoroughfare. In the front, is a little vegetable garden that catches the afternoon sun.

All the boys, between ages 8-17, ravenous as they return from school, rush into the main hall which serves as a dining hall cum living room cum study room! Soon after, they unwind here, before they finally get down to homework. The room is decorated just like any sitting room in a home with a bunch of kids, would be. Posters brighten the wall, books fill the shelves and the desks are covered with study material. There's a harmonium in the corner for music lessons on Sundays and a TV, with limited viewing time! The computer room also doubles as office for a few hours, individual counselling area, and sometimes used for a overseas volunteer to stay in.

The rest of the Ghar includes a clean kitchen stone slabs and steel utensils gleaming; the bedrooms with the bedding layered neatly on the beds. All the kids' clothes are put away in the closets.

The boys are fortunate to have Mr. D. K Sharma as Mentor Father, who though a busy doctor, makes it a point to spend time with them. . Ms.Kusum Sharma, who joined the home as Supervisor, has been motivated enough to become a Mentor Mother. They are lucky too, to have Rohin Shah of Meghraj Properties and iPartner India, supporting them morally and financially!

Some of the private schools support us in our mission by giving the boys education at subsidised fees and some, even at total fee waivers. Children also study in hostel and Open School. Those above 18, have moved to our Aftercare Programme, and are pursuing higher education; all being our proud miracles of hope. All of them continue to visit their Udayan family on weekends and whenever they can.

The Mentor Parents, supervisor, caregivers, alongwith our social worker and Mental Health Expert help the children at the foster home in their daily lives, counseling and career management. Tutors and volunteers also help them in their studies and co curricular activities.

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