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Vatika Udayan Ghar (home)for Girls, Mehrauli, Delhi

Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli, is in a lane off the main Mehrauli Gurgaon road, in a cluster of habitation. Even if youve been before, you may miss it, because the home has been renovated recently and looks brand new on the outside!.

On the inside the facelift has done wonders too, thanks to Vatika Group, who supports this home in every way! Housed in a two-bedroom flat on the raised ground floor, this Ghar has a sprawling basement - almost enough for a bowling alley! And heres where the girls live life - from the fun, games, studies to TV. With a harmonium, computers, a well-stocked library and board games, the basement is partitioned into play areas and study areas. The study area also chips in as group therapy and individual counselling room. The sleeping rooms, dining room and kitchen are in the flat above.

When you enter, you might find it quiet to begin with, but as you descend the stairs to the basement, laughter greets you and 12 girls surround you! Some give you an extra tight hug for fear of being left out or ignored. With education in some of Delhi's best schools, girls are usually busy at school work with volunteers who work with them on various subjects-English, History, Math

Ms. Teji Anand, Ms. Dolly Anand, Ms. Usha Pratap Singh, and Ms. Brinda Syali, women who dared to dream to transform childrens lives, joined the Udayan Ghar movement in 1999, later joined by Ms. Aneesha Wadhwa, our youngest Mentor Mother.

Its normal to find at least 2 of the 5 Mentor Mothers at the foster home on most days either coming with the weeks groceries or accompanying some children for a PTA or simply to see if homeworks done, and keep things and children very, very orderly! Each of the Mentor Moms has played a pivotal role in imbibing values of respect, love and appreciation in the girls, who are extremely open to learning new things, as well as meeting new people!

Most of the young girls have faced some amount of trauma before coming to Udayan Ghar as a result of being orphaned or neglected. Hence they are visited regularly by our mental health expert. Some of the girls also require special care

The hard work of the dedicated Mentor Moms, the social worker, and supervisor Kalpana, has given shape to many miracles of hope.

In addition to Vatika, the home enjoys contributions from some other long term sponsors and volunteers too.

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