Bringing up children is neither easy nor inexpensive - especially since the Udayan Care family strives to give its children and youth the best. It is the unflagging support of thousands of individuals and corporates which enables us to continue doing so.

When you contribute your hard earned money, share your invaluable expertise or provide infrastructure and other amenities, you ensure our children and youth good nutrition, quality education and excellent vocational and training skills - in addition to all the fun and excitement that is part of childhood and growing up years

To know more on the impact your support will make to children, you can read our Miracles of Hope section.

You can contribute to any of our donation options below. Once you have selected your option, please download our donation form, print it, fill it and attach the cheque/ draft. It should then be posted to Udayan Cares office address.

All cheques and demand drafts should be made in favour of Udayan Care. For donations from overseas and any other queries please call Shalini on +91-11-46548105/6 or email

Ishani Gupta, a 14 yr old, student of Maumee Valley Country Day School in the US did an internship with Udayan Care during her summer break. She interviewed our USF fellows to evaluate the success and economic returns on the investments made into the programme. Read More

Udayan Ghars : Sunshine Homes that nurture orphaned children in the warmth of a family

Education and Exposure Rs. 28000 towards one child for 1 year or *Rs. 28000 for children
Health and Nutrition Rs. 15000 per child or *Rs. 15000 for children
Wellbeing, Clothing & Medical Rs. 8500 per child or *Rs. 8500 for children
Living Cost & Transport Expense Rs. 8500 per child or *Rs. 8500 for children
  TOTAL  Rs. 60000

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Udayan Shalini Fellowships: Higher education to develop girls into dignified, independent young women

Higher Secondary Education (Class XI and XII) Rs. 1000 per girl or *Rs 1000 for girls
Tertiary Education (Post Class XII Graduation, vocational courses etc.) Rs. 1500 per girl or *Rs 1500 for girls
Workshops and Training Rs. 500 per girl or *Rs 500 for girls
  TOTAL  Rs. 2000

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Dolly Anand Endowment Fund: Ms. Dolly Anand is one of the founders and Mentor Mother of Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli. This fund was started by her children as a gift to her on the occasion of her 75th Birthday,for which they donated the initial capital.

If you share the same passion to empower young women, fill in the donation form below.

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Endow A Meal: Treat children at Udayan Ghars to a nutritious meal a great way to say you care

Rs. 10,000 or above. When you contribute the above amount, your endowment is invested and the annual interest on it makes possible one meal every year for all children at Udayan Ghars.

You can choose an important day in your life a birthday, an anniversary or any memorable day - and children will be treated to a meal on your chosen date, commemorating your sentiments and emotions.

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Jagshanti Udayan Ghar Hostel for Girls, Greater Noida: Ensuring children above 18yrs a home till they are independent
Rs. 10,000 or above. When you donate to this initiative you turn your taxes into Joy as you avail 100% tax exemption
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Corpus Fund: Helping to Strengthen Us
You can donate Rs 5, 000 / Rs.10,000 / Rs.15,000 / Rs.20, 000. When you donate to Udayan Cares Corpus Fund we invest your money and only the interest accruing from the investment, without touching the principal itself. This way your money remains forever and strengthens the organization.

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All donations made by Indian citizens to Udayan Care are50% tax exempt. undersection 80G of the Income Tax Act. Donations to Jagshanti Udayan Care Hostel for Women are 100% tax exempt undersection 35AC of the Income Tax Act

Donations made by foreign nationals are not eligible for exemption under 80G or 35AC as these are applicable under the Indian Income Tax Act an valid only for Indians.