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Badal's Story

The winning battle of our Taekwondo Star

Change is not balmy and cushioned always. But, it often strikes the inspiration to set higher goals. Badal saw a bunch of agonizing changes in his life, and that too at a very raw age. He faced the bitter battle for existence along with his three sisters after the demise of their parents. His 89-year-old grandmother was struggling to nourish the children and was feeling stretched about their future. They saw some of the worst, threatening shades of poverty in their early childhood which was making it nearly challenging to keep sailing their lives. Badal broke into tears while remembering their frosty nights spent at Kalkaji Temple, New Delhi.

God never comes down to solve problems, but godliness does. No one can ever compensate for a ripped family, but can only show ways to come out of that pain and stand muscular to the life’s challenges. Udayan Care did the same to Badal and his sisters. They were brought to GurugramUdayanGhar when Badal was just four. Initially, he was scared and found it challenging to be away from his grandmother. But, love is the language that changes lives. The pure love and sincere care of Care Givers, mentors and fellow-brothers germinated trust and sense of belongingness to the children. They started adjusting in the new environment where they grew academically, mentally and physically.

Badal was born to shine and rise as a Taekwondo star. Mentors observed his sharp ache and competence for Taekwondo, and they further nurtured and strengthened him for national and international levels of the game. Justifying his diligence and knack, Badal grabbed many rewards at National and International Taekwondo Championships. The 4th grade Blue belt at International Taekwondo Federation, a gold medal at 26th Delhi State ITF Taekwondo Championship, and two gold medals at 20th North East India Taekwondo Championship, Uttarakhand are just a few to mention.

Badal aspires to become a professional Taekwondo Instructor and plants his ambition with a meaningful purpose to give back to society. He doubts the role of only money for fetching happiness. It can be one of the components, but not the sole one. Furthering his strategy, the boy covets to help and train needy children for Taekwondo, thereby helping them accomplish their dreams.