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Garv Nagar

Management Team
Associate Director- Resource Mobilisation

Garv Nagar has been working with Udayan Care since April 2020 as Associate Director- Resource Mobilisation. A developmental Practitioner having more than 15 years of professional & pro bono experience of working from grassroot to senior management positions in national & International NGO’s like Save the Children, Save the Children Finland, CanKids/ KidsCan, Gene Campaign, on various issues like Homeless, Childrights, Women rights, Legal Awareness, Childhood Cancer. Through his experience as a Resource Mobilisation person, he fully understands the need of the organisations for raising funds on the one hand and donors’ motivation and satisfaction on the other. His endeavour has always been to Conceptualize, Strategize, Fundraise & mobilize resources to meet the needs of the organization so that end-beneficiary can be supported. A trained lawyer, he completely understands the nuances of CSR, their reporting, audit & compliances, and in the same vein, is rooted with the real causes.