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Kanika's Story

Learning to count blessings, and not setbacks!

“Be true and passionate about your dreams, and rest will follow,” Says Kanika of USF North Delhi.

She relies more on opportunities that life brings to her than her limitations and setbacks. She focuses more on the opportunities that life brings and not on the setbacks. She credits the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme for equipping her with this positivity.

She finds the ‘Mentor-mentee’ model most helpful amongst the various other supporting pillars of the USF Programme. Opening up with your peers and friends about your anxieties and challenges is easier than with family members or teachers. USF clubs an alumna with the existing Shalinis to ensure familiarity and friendship.

The spirit of giving back is deeply entrenched in the Shalinis and Kanika is no exception. She plans to become financially independent to contribute to the USF programme. She dreams of becoming a Fashion Blogger someday, and is investing her time preparing for the same. Presently, she is working at Clovia Partnership as a Program Executive.

She got her inspiration from Sapna Mittal (a USF alumna) which influenced her to give back very strongly. She is giving back by providing mentorship to current batches of Shalinis. She plans to extend her participation by making monetary contributions in the future.