Vol. 9, No.6, Nov - Dec 2015
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Hello everyone,

2015 wrapped up pretty neatly for all of us, we hope. And like every year comes to an end and brings with it a mixed bag of emotions, 2015 was the same for us. We had a fabulous run – the last year ended on the right note for us, with lots of learnings, experiences, and journeys in store for our children as well as mentors, partners and supporters.

So without further ado, let’s hop onto the Udayan bandwagon and take a journey down memory lane one last time before we bring out the fireworks and celebrate the year that is, in all its glory!

Team Udayan Care

Achievers ahoy!
Achievers ahoy!

They started off as little younglings with flailing arms and kicking legs, but soon grew wings and took to the stars. For our young achievers, the sky is the limit as they excel at every event, activity or competition they participate in. More than their shiny accolades, it’s their pride of having achieved the impossible that shines on their faces, that makes our day brighter. Not to mention the joy of celebrating successes and special occasions!

Read more about our flying stars

Expanding the horizons of the mind

What is life but a process of constant learning, and who knows it better than the Udayan Care family. True to the spirit of accumulating and sharing knowledge, we saw our bright, young minds across Udayan Ghars, the Shalini Fellowship, Big Friend Little Friend, Udayan Care IT & SDC (Skill Development Centre) indulge in workshops, events and learning sessions with hungry minds.

Catch glimpses of our learnings multiply

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s our superkids!
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s our superkids!

Superheroes are of two kinds, usually - fictional or real-life. At Udayan Care, we have a formidable force of real-life superheroes who fight against obstacles – physical, psychological, social and intangible – to emerge as victors with wills of iron and hearts of gold. Take a closer look at some of our outstanding heroes.

See how our superheroes win

Smiley Making change happen, one child at a time

Change is impossible without individuals who are willing to act on their beliefs, challenge the status quo and make the world a better place for everybody. Our volunteers dedicate their time and expertise to transform the lives of the children, Shalinis and young adults at Udayan Care for the better. Like the famous Chinese proverb goes, they teach our children to fish, so they can gain a skill that will help them live happier. Here’s the latest report on the volunteering activities of and at Udayan Care.

Retrace our volunteering journey

  Making change happen, one child at a time
The people who prove giving is good
The people who prove giving is good

Enablers – whether they’re in the form of supporters or donors – help individuals achieve their dreams. They are catalysts whose assistance is invaluable because it brings in help in the form of partners, contributors and generous souls. Udayan Care itself experienced the spirit of giving in many dimensions, volunteering our knowledge and gaining a lot more along the way.

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