Vol. 10, No.1, Jan - Feb 2015
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The year is off to a speedy start. The highlight of this year has been the generosity of our supporters. Team ASOS brought truckloads of love and laughter to the girls of our Noida Home by making a new home a reality. Many thanks to the ASOS Foundation, UK and its employees, who worked all year round to raise money. Thanks in particular to Mr. Nick Robertson (Chairman, ASOS Foundation), Ms. Louise McCabe (Head, CSR), Emma Bartholomeou and Ankita Patel for their special roles in making this home a dream come true.

When the support of benefactors stays with us, it is possible for our children to go out in the world and do amazing things. Whether it is sports, academics or even our Shalinis who have made a mark for themselves in the world, we love seeing our children taste success in their endeavours. Our workshops and initiatives play a role in helping them develop into well-rounded individuals as well. Mr. Rahul Raja Sharma, Assistant Manager of Ghar Programme, presented a module on good practices study on street children at the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights with positive response. This further helps us open up our doors to more children in need of guidance and a better life.

This year, many new Shalinis have been inducted into the programme and the new Skill Development Centre is flourishing. That means more opportunities for us to create more openings for young, talented individuals from socio-economically challenged backgrounds. Do read the newsletter to know more.

Needless to say, we are a very happy team of mentors, staff, volunteers and children right now. And we hope that we will continue to stay this positive as the months go by – after all, eternal sunshine is part of our name and identity!

Sky’s the limit

Bring out the confetti, beat the drums and join us as we celebrate the many milestones of this year. It’s been a great months, and things only keep getting better for us – whether it’s the new Shalinis inducted into the USF Programme or the young achievers we are proud to call as our family.

Welcoming new experiences with open arms

Learning new things makes everybody happy – it brings new hope, opportunities and a sense of achievement to the ones at the receiving end of knowledge. This time too, our plethora of workshops, initiatives and more provided a platform for self-growth and all-round development to the bright, young minds at Udayan Care, as well as for everybody responsible for the well-being of the children.

League of Superheroes

Forget Superman vs Batman, this adventure is even more gripping – it’s everyday heroes fighting a hard battle against life’s challenges. Each time they come out with a battle scar, but also with a big smile that tells the world, “I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way!” Make way for our superheroes. And watch out for their superpowers – they have been known to keep people spellbound.

We for Volunteers

Who doesn’t enjoy a little love and attention from time to time? At Udayan Care, our children, women and youth receive much-needed TLC (tender loving care) from generous volunteers who are eager to mould them into better individuals. Each month, we have individuals and corporates working with us to enhance their knowledge, emotional quotient and personality through various workshops and initiatives.

The Spirit of Giving

Positive energy is what keeps us fighting hardships in the present and looking forward to the future. It is always encouraging to know that there are organisations who want to contribute to spreading this positive energy across Udayan Care and bringing light to the lives of our children.

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