Vol. 10, No.3, May - June 2016
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Love and Laughter: Summer Camp 2016

Exams have finished. The last school bell has rung. Now is the time for summer.

Summer is a time for frolicking and fun, for games and joy, for sun-soaked smiles on little faces free of worry. cking and fun, for games and joy, for sun-soaked smiles on little faces free of worry. It is also a time for family, for sharing laughter with brothers and sisters and enjoying the bond of love.

This is the picture we aim to paint each year at our annual Udayan Ghar Summer Camp. Every year, our Udayan Ghar children from all 13 Ghars get together for five days of family and fun. It is a crazy time, a whirlwind of giggles down halls, explosions of imagination, captivated curiosity, joyous dancing and a scattering of glitter escaped from some child’s creation — always leaving our kids with big smiles and bigger memories.

“I just don’t want to go from here. I am making new friends and I want to live with them some more days. We all are happy—all are enjoying!”

--Sneha Home 11

This year’s Summer Camp was no different. Sponsored by Indian Oil, Funzania 2016 was surely fun for all! Through the efforts of many, each day was full to the brim, with a food and game mela from Genpact, a magic show from Research Now, theatre games with UK volunteers, teamwork fun with Play for Peace, crafts galore and much much more! It was a joy to watch our littlest capering about as Jungle Book characters with Sakshi while our older children fused Bollywood dance with Western styles under the tutelage of Sidharth. Moreover, with the help of NGO Manzil, our children were even able to sing in their own choir!

Many thanks to all of the wonderful donors, volunteers, and other supporters for making this year’s camp a success!

Celebrating Success

Always proud parents and teachers, we are so happy when our children and students succeed!

Lessons of Love

Learning and teaching is an integral part of Udayan Care life, with many beautiful lessons taught to our Udayans...and by them!

Stories of Hope

A boy who traveled four hours a day to train himself for his dream job, a straight-A student who overcame adversity, a girl who battles against the belief that girls don’t need college--- these are just some of our powerful Udayans who inspire us every day.

Our Super Supporters

Our volunteers and donors are the lifeblood of Udayan Care. They give joy to our children, empower our students, and even climb mountains for us!


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