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Without you, we couldn’t have reached so far!

February 6th, 2019 brought pride to the Udayan Care family, as we celebrated our glorious 25 years and felicitated our Trustees, few donors and other supporters who have traveled this long journey with us.

Since our inception, the staff at Udayan Care and a huge cadre of supporters have left no stone unturned to help pull up children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. Today, with your relentless support we are now present in 13 states in India and have 3 international chapters, all unified to “Regenerate the Rhythm of Life of the Disadvantaged”.

We came into existence with one home, housing 3 girl children, and today we have successfully reintegrated nearly a thousand children under our Udayan Ghar Programme. Furthermore, through our education programme for young girls- Udayan Shalini Fellowship, we have transformed the lives of 7,222 young Shalinis. We have also prepared 15,491 youth from disadvantaged backgrounds for employment under our Udayan Care IT Programme and trained 1,259 young girls and women in different skills like personal grooming, stitching and training, papercraft, enamel painting, ceramic painting, etc. and got many to earn their livelihood through making products for the homegrown brand- Sukriti under Udayan Care Skill Development Centres. Our academic bi-annual journal- ICEB  is informed by the belief that sharing and documenting practices and challenges in child and youth care in South Asia helps improve standards on the ground. The institutionalisation of our biennial international conferences BICON has helped broaden the Alternative Care spectrum in South Asia. Boosted by these efforts, we are now in the process of  finalizing a first of its kind study on Current Aftercare Practices (CAP) across five states of India.

We, from the bottom of our hearts, express our gratitude to you for helping us reach out to many in need and as we sit in the initial months of the year 2019, we urge you to continue your support. Through you we have transformed more than 24,000 lives directly and many more indirectly, and further with you, we imagine the world to be a better place to live!

We thank you all for keeping us in your precious prayers. God has been good to us and we hope you enjoy the articles, the blogs and the testimonies below.



The 11th issue of our academic bi-annual journal, “Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond’' (ICEB) is now out! This issue of ICEB is a special edition on Child Sexual Abuse with a focus on Child Care Institutions (CCIs). Those interested to read or subscribe may please contact us at

The next issue, poised for September 2019, has a focus on 'Caregivers', dedicated to the phenomenal role the caregivers play in Alternative Care of OHC (Out of Home Care Children); the impact of the work they do, and the often unacknowledged need to ensure their well-being, which directly informs the quality of the support children receive. Send us your abstracts by 15th April 2019.

ICEB's March 2020 publication will be a special edition on 'Deinstitutionalization and Family Strengthening Measures in South Asia'.  There is a growing recognition of the need to reduce reliance on institutional care for OHC children and instead strengthen measures for gatekeeping and family strengthening so that children remain in families. Please send your contribution by 31st July 2019.

We are also happy to announce the 4th Biennial International Conference (BICON), which is planned for March 2020 in Nepal. For a glimpse of the previous 3 BICONs, please visit the conference website at You may write to us for more details on the conference email ID at

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