VOL. 13. NO. 6, Nov - Dec 2019

“If you have a heartbeat, there is still time for your dreams.”

Badal – Sports Prodigy

If there is something that exists beyond a miracle, then it happened with this sports prodigy, Badal. Badal and his 2 sisters lost their mother and were abandoned by their father because of certain circumstances. Their grandmother took care of the children for a while, but old age, financial impediments, and physical inabilities made it a hard task.

The unpredictable life of Badal took a positive turn when he was brought to the Udayan Care Family along with his sisters in 2005. Badal was at the tender age of 5 when he came to the Gurugram home. His siblings settled in well as they felt safe with the team of caregivers, mentors, and the other children. The Udayan family gave enormous love, care, and inspiration to Badal which helped in shaping his dreams for the future. Though he lacked excellence in studies, he was able to complete his academics. Interestingly, he had an in-born knack for sports. His mentors realized that he could perform brilliantly in Taekwondo and thus trained him for it. They encouraged and aligned him with suitable opportunities which turned the boy into a Taekwondo Champion. He has won several medals and awards for different competitions at the state and district levels.


Rabiya Khatoon – Earning Empowerment

Breaking age-old traditions isn’t our motto. But when it comes to women’s education and empowerment, Udayan Care commits to supporting and transforming young lives who are struggling with any constraints. Rabiya Khatoon of Rajasthan aspired to achieve financial independence and become a teacher. Being a brilliant student, she was doing well in her studies. She did well in Class X and was pursuing her further studies in the arts stream from a government school. However, she was facing financial constraints in continuing her higher studies. Working in a textile factory, her father struggled to manage all expenses of the 7 member family.

Rabiya knocked on the right door when she reached out to the USF team of Udayan Care. 2013 was the year when the USF programme was introduced in Jaipur and it came to Rabiya’s school. She cleared all rounds of tests and qualified for the fellowship programme. Team USF ensures financial as well as motivational support to Rabiya. Moreover, the motivational training programmes and workshops designed under the USF programme nurtured her confidence and gave wings to her dream. She completed her BSTC from Jaipur National University. Later on, she also completed her B.A from Maharani College and secured her job as a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Khatipura Jaipur. USF programme teaches not to be a passive recipient of
the society’s largesse. Giving back is one of the strongest pillars of USF which inspired Rabiya to teach girls in her neighborhood, contribute to tree plantation, and campaign against tobacco intake in the society.

Supporter Speak

“I have not done anyone any favours. I am fortunate that God gave me the opportunity and wisdom to participate in helping someone build themselves. It is my life's honour and privilege. I wish wellness to all the members of our Udayan Care family. God bless!”                                                                                                              
- Dr. Ashok Gupta

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