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Sandhya Devi

Sandhya Devi's Story

Sandhya Devi joined the sewing training centre in 2015. After completing her training and on receiving her certificate, she joined the production unit in 2016. While her husband, who is a driver, has studied up to class 10, she has completed her studies only till class 5. Along with her husband, she also lives with her son who is studying in Pragyan School, Gr. Noida.

After shifting from Noida to Greater Noida, she came to know about the Sewing Centre. With great encouragement from her husband and as a way of utilising her free time, she decided to join the centre. After the completion of her training, she was immediately hired by the production unit as a way of meeting the deadline for an important assignment.

Earlier, Sandhya was observed to be introvert who was just starting to adjust in the busy city life. However, today she is seen to be extremely happy and has established great bonds with her colleagues as well as other SDC staff. Furthermore, she has developed the confidence to go to the nearby markets alone to procure materials for the centre. The income from this job has been able to provide her family with small luxuries, which earlier they could not afford. Moreover, with the added income, she has the means to send her son to a good school for a better future