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Shruti Kumari

Shruti Kumari's Story

Breaking traditions, crafting inspiration

"Household chores are the only job of girls and kitchen is their only performance arena." goes a famous saying in Shruti's village. Two years back no one in Tilapta village of western U. P. would have predicted that this shy 15-year girl could ever be a sports champion. 'My life changed for all good after I joined UdayanShalini Fellowship', recounts an emotional Shruti, who has personally gone through the pain of poverty, and wish to help the needy in her society.

Shruti hails from a rural family. Her father works in a cycle shop and struggles to make both ends meet. Her mother is a homemaker who looks after Shruti and her two sisters. She is highly determined to support her daughter in achieving her dream and ensures a glass of milk for Shruti despite all financial constraints. Shruti remembers her pre-USF days and says, "Earlier I was living my life, just like any other girl of my village. USF has added meaning and goal to my life. Now I am more aware of the available options of education and career. My father was not open to educating me after grade 10. Still, now he is supporting me in my higher education, thanks to my mentor Mr Deepak Sharma and the USF Greater Noida team who helped us immensely in changing the beliefs of my father. The mentor continuously counselled and guided me to work hard towards fulfilling my dreams. The financial help from USF, Udayan Care has immensely assisted me in continuing my studies."

Owning a keen interest in wrestling, she derives her inspiration from the local world wrestling champion BabitaPhogat. She is an active participant of sports like volleyball and wrestling. She earned a silver medal in college-level wrestling. She is equally good at academics and scored first division marks in her grade 10 and 12. She dreams of becoming a physical trainer and supports needy children in multiple ways. Or should we say she has already started supporting by giving voluntary sports coaching to needy children of her society?