Vol. 10, No.4, JULY - AUGUST 2016
Udayan Care Volunteer

“Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they are not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” – David Platt

This is the how Parvinder started her college application essay, with this quote. It was a call to attention. “Here I am!” she was saying. “Here is my name, here is my face. You cannot ignore me. See me and know I am worthy.”

She told her story... How she was abandoned as a baby. How she grew up in a government shelter home. How she fought for her education. And how eventually, in 2011, she came to Udayan Care where her love of learning was embraced and nurtured... where “[for] the first time in my life...I felt I had a family and I was no longer scared to be myself.”

She was invited for an interview. She spoke before a panel of faculty. They heard her name. They saw her face. And they saw her for who she was: well-spoken, confident, passionate—not to mention a brilliant science student: scoring 90 marks in her Psychology 12th Board Exam and 91 in Biology. Without hesitation, they admitted her as a Psychology major...but also they admitted her with a full, 100% scholarship!

The fact is, often people do not care to think about orphans at all. Or if they do, they see them as objects of charity, not a people who have true worth—people who accomplish, excel, fly.

Parvinder is just one of our many kids who prove every day that this is not true.  And we are so proud!

Celebrating Success

See how our family has grown and join us in congratulating our youth as they climb--sometimes literally!--to success!

Teaching the Future

From nurturing creativity to inspiring passion for justice, filling our youth’s lives with chances to learn is important--as is taking the time to grow ourselves!  Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.

Stories of Hope

From a class topper with little chance to continue her education to a girl who was willing to travel hours to secure her dream career -- meet a couple of the young people Udayan Care has helped in the pursuit of their dreams.

Our Super Supporters

The work we do at Udayan Care is only possible through the beautiful gifts of time and love given by people like you -- from taking our children on adventures to teaching our students crucial life skills!


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