VOL. 11, NO. 3, May - June 2017


The Victory Success is Half Won when one gains the habit of goal setting and achieving goals

Learning to Set Goals!

Udayan Care information Technology (UCIT) program ensure holistic development of the young students. Apart from their IT course and modules, career counselling, workshops and mentoring sessions area regular feature at the centers.

A Goal Setting workshop for the students at Bhangel, Noida center was conducted. The objective of the workshop was to teach the skills necessary to set achievable goals, to plan and reach for their dreams in a way that it would significantly increase their opportunities to succeed.


Empowering the Youth

“Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children.” — Sir Herbert Read

The power of youth to change not only their own but a nation’s destiny can never be underestimated. Our faith and belief in our young students inspired us to initiate the program of Youth Voices. In an era of digitalization and potential media has to make a social impact our young students at the UCIT Centres learn various to use various tools in media that can be used to raise their voices against what is not fair, community issues and make an impact to change their lives for better. Photography, Making Video Documentaries, mind mapping, story board development, script writing, software training, media equipment training are part of the six month training programs of students at UCIT centre.

American India Foundation support to run media center in Vinod Nagar, Delhi has helped us reach out to many young students from underprivileged community. A unique workshop with sessions conducted by experts on cover shot composition, history of photography, ISO and aperture, use of DSLR further added to the skills of the media students.

Residential Camp

A 6 day residential camp for Udayan Shalini Fellows, attended by 28 shalinis, at Jagshanti Udayan Care, greater Noida from 19th June- 24th June 2017 was conducted with the main theme as Comprehensive Sexual Education and Awareness about Menstrual Hygiene.

The six day long camp saw a mixed bag of knowledge and fun based activities conducted by facilitators from YP Foundation and Enactus IIT Delhi Team.

“I learnt about transgender, intersex which I had no clue about. The activities make me realise how these people feel about themselves and how society perceives them which made me aware to not differentiate amongst them and treat them equally. This camp gave me a new learning”- Sakshi

“The Shalinis were very active throughout the session and had active participation in the discussion. They enjoyed the games a lot and we were delighted to see that they were already quite aware of the topic “menstruation”. It was a great experience to have a session with the joyful Shalinis”- Jasleen, Enactus IIT Delhi

Opportunities Don’t Happen, You Create Them. - Chris Grosser

Through various small and larger workshops throughout India in various chapters of Udayan Shalini Fellowship, life skills were taught to our Shalinis, to help them reach great heights. We understand that apart from their skill development and education, to succeed is a combination of knowledge and smart choices.

Enthusiastic RBS team visited Sat Krishna Charitable Trust, Narsinghpur Village on 26th May, 2017 to have a lively interaction with our Shalini fellows, in Gurugram Chapter. They facilitated activity based session on cyber safety, safety in digital space etc. These were lessons for life in the current digital era for our young Shalinis.

DrAnvita Agarwal (HOD of Home Science Dept. in IBPS Mahila College & mentor member of USF Aurangabad) guided Shalinis at Aurangabad Chapter on scope and opportunities of career choices in various fields after 10th & 12th Std. available in the city.

Leadership, Decision Making, Self-Discipline, Yoga and Meditation sessions were conducted through various state chapters of Udayan Shalini Fellowship.

5 day workshop - Mercer

Students are not fully aware of the career options open to them, this often leads them to develop aspirations that are neither determined by ability or viability. To give the knowledge about what life is with and without goals, Mercer employees organised 5-days workshop at our Greater Noida Home. Several workshops were conducted including workshops on Career Counselling, MS Office Training, Benefits of Yoga and workout to give the children sight to see beyond their line.

Little Girls with Dreams to become Women with Vision. A special Educational Trip to National Science Centre was organised for girls to strengthen their will to do something out of the box



The 4th phase of longitudinal study on ‘Assessment of Mental and Physical Health of OVCs in Udayan Carewith children across 13 Udayan Ghars, young adults in after-care programme and alumni was initiated. The research project is being carried out by Udayan Care in collaboration with Duke University.

We are grateful to our interns – Namratha, Sai Kiran, Anika & Monika from Duke University, USA for collecting data for the 4th phase. Also to Riti and Kashni for their continued support and banding together an enthusiastic band of students from Amity University: Bhawya, Tejasvi and Smriti.


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