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Udayancare Donation Page

Usha Yadav Fund

We lost Usha Yadav, our Udayan Shalini Fellow to a grave illness. In order to cherish their daughter's memory, her parents fulfilled her dream to help many girls like her with a cheque to the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme which marked the inception of Usha Yadav Udayan Shalini Fellowship Corpus Fund.

Swasthi Udayan Fund

Swasthi, an independent and confident mother and an Udayan Ghar alumna, was a semi orphan, homeless and traumatized child who had been brought up with love, care and protection of a family environment.

In the spirit of nurturing other children, who share her past, Swasthi contributed a cheque from her first earning to initiate the endeavor of Giving Back in 2009.

Dolly Anand Endowment Fund

Ms. Dolly Anand is one of the founders and Mentor Mother of Udayan Ghar, Mehrauli. This fund was started by her children as a gift to her on the occasion of her 75th Birthday, for which they donated the initial capital.

Endow A Meal

Treat children at Udayan Ghars to a nutritious meal, a great way to say you care.

Donate Rs. 10,000 or above. When you contribute, your endowment is invested and the annual interest on it makes one special meal possible for children at our Udayan Ghar every year.

You can choose an important day in your life a birthday, an anniversary or any memorable day - and children at one of our homes will be treated to a meal on your chosen date, commemorating your sentiments and emotions.

Unrestricted Fund

For use where the need is most

Your donation to this Fund will enable us to channelize your support for use where there is a dearth of available monetary assistance. Also, it enables us to support our unsponsored projects.

Corpus Fund

To build organizational strength and sustainability

Your donation to Corpus will enable us to generate the revenue in the form of interest which fill further enable us to sustain our programme at the time of contingency.