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About the Programme

Our advocacy work is focused on ensuring and enhancing rights of children without parental care. While our practice on child and youth care (CYC) is in India, our advocacy efforts have a larger South Asian focus. Our advocacy is currently geared towards orphans, abandoned and vulnerable children in India. We believe in people-centric advocacy that enables civil society members and organisations to take responsibility to improve the situation of children. Consistent efforts on this front over the last 25 years of our existence has given us several learnings as well as impacted the lives of children, women and youth. Being practioners on child and youth care we believe in all evidence based practice and practice informed advocacy and research.

Programme Objective

• Influence policy and decision makers by using persuasive and consistent methods such as seminars and consultations and networking on different aspects of Alternative Care for OHC (Out of Home Care) children

• Research and Publications

• Trainings to increasing capacities of stakeholders for better standards of care in alternative care practices

• Practice on child and youth care: evidence based care models and learning as well as feeding back to improve standards of care.