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Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme

About the Programme

Udayan Shalini Fellowship derives its name from conjoining two Sanskrit words “Udayan” and “Shalini” meaning eternal sunrise and a dignified woman respectively. This is a flagship programme of Udayan Care and is a unique academic excellence and personality development programme for deserving and talented girls from the weak socio-economic background. It intends to turn them into empowered and dignified women or Shalinis. Each Fellow stays in the programme until she finishes her course, which is an average period of 5-6 years. A Shalini is, therefore, a motivated and meritorious girl backed by USF, who beats the odds imposed by financial and social constraints by demonstrating passion, dedication and a mind-set that never gives up.

Gender, poverty and disparities in Indian society are deeply entrenched. Therefore, when it comes to education, girls, more so from economically deprived backgrounds, often get short-changed. With USF, we redress this imbalance. We believe that a lack of support should not constrain a girl with a will to learn. This idea sparked USF, which offers far more than financial aid. It includes mentoring, capacity-building, resource workshops and inculcating a sense of giving back to society.”

Our Chapters' Detail

Programme Objective

Encouraging Girls to Study through Financial Support

USF helps girls studying in government schools transcend the limits of their socio-economic background and realize their full potential, by providing the financial backing they need to continue studying after class X. Monetary support allows our Shalinis to focus on their education and pursue their secondary school and college.

Holistic Development of Shalinis through Workshops

We equip our Shalinis to excel at life by giving them the necessary tools to grow and flourish. USF offers personality development training and exposure to viable career choices. Through academic guidance, career counselling and life skills training, USF broadens their horizons and trains them to think independently. Our Shalinis realize their immense potential and outshine the world at every opportunity.

Individual Guidance through Mentoring

A robust mentoring system anchors each Shalini on her voyage of self-discovery. At every stage of the Fellowship, a Shalini has a supportive mentor giving her attention and counselling—this ensures that they receive the right guidance at the right moment. The personalized guidance received by each Shalini makes her robust, stable and confident.

Youth that Give Back

Another primary aim of the programme is to inculcate a sense of social awareness and responsibility in the girls. As they thrive, they are encouraged to help younger Shalinis. By giving back to society, a Shalini changes from a ‘recipient’ to someone who ‘gives back’ to society.

Developing Employability Skills

To develop ‘employability skills’ with components of trainings on career options, develop job-oriented skills and better understanding of employment world.