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Sukriti: Products@SkillCentre

About the Programme

We, at Udayan Care, are proud to present our range of products, which we have created in our Skill Centre, in Greater NOIDA, under the brand name Sukriti - the Hindi word for ‘beautiful creations’. Our garments, made at the centre, are hand-made by the ladies from the local community using natural fabrics. The Australian designer, Mandish Kalsi, has designed several of the garments. Many of Mandish’s designs are ‘zero-waste’ designs, i.e. all the pattern pieces are geometric shapes which are placed on the cut fabric in such a way that there is no wastage of the fabric in cutting out the pattern pieces.

We are mindful of the need to recycle as much as possible and not to create waste which will end up in landfills, so that, even if we have garments that create some ‘waste material’, that material is used to create other items. We make the jewellery and hand-painted ceramic pottery in our Art and Craft department, and the table and bed linen are made in the Sewing Production Unit. Many are then hand block printed with our exclusive designs.

We want our customers to advertise Udayan Care, and so our carry bags are all made in-house from old newspapers, with the Udayan Care logo proudly displayed on the side with the handles made from scraps of fabric. We are also marketing our products on various platforms like exhibitions, stalls etc. The Skill Centre website is not active now, but a new one is under construction for Sukriti products, and very soon this will contain our online shop.