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Aftercare Outreach Programme Bihar

The project in Bihar started in December 2019 as a pilot. It covers three child care institutions and a Aftercare home in two district of Bihar i.e. Patna and Gaya. It is being implemented by Udayan Care, in partnership with UNICEF State office for Bihar and with the support of Bihar State Child Protection Society. To know more, please download the project brochure.

Programme Objectives

The project aims to create a robust Aftercare system in practice, primarily through evidence generation. It targets the children of the age ‘approaching 15 to 18’ who are living in the child care institutions, ’18 to 23’ age group living in Aftercare and 23 & beyond who are now living independently. Some key objectives of AOP are:

● Creating an enabling environment in CCIs and Aftercare homes through policy and advocacy work

● Creating evidence by practical work on transition planning and Aftercare through demonstration in pilot projects

● Building systems for Capacity building of functionaries and workshops, mentoring and handholding of children and youth

● Bringing Care Leavers together on common platforms

Facilitate and support Care Leavers in the eight domains of the ‘Sphere of Aftercare’ with focus on providing financial as well as hand holding and mentoring support for educational and vocational skills attainment and set up a model on Aftercare to establish evidence of its positive impact in their lives. The programme will be an evidence generation model for successful transitions to society and communities.