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Kuruskshetra is a famous pilgrimage site in the state of Haryana. Male literacy rate is 83 percent while female literacy rate is 69%. Also sex ratio is just 888.

Udayan Care started Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) programme in 2004 in Kurukshetra with the devotion and immense support of Professor and Ex dean, Education Deptt, Kurukshetra University, Dr. Sushama Sharma and her husband Dr. Ramniwas, and Mr. Dharampal Goel. The dedicated core committee is fundamentally the strength of the chapter. Inducting ten fellows in the beginning in 2004-05, USF Kurukshetra has seen a proud contingent of 490 Shalinis; currently 201 girls are being supported by the Fellowship in 2017-18, with a plan to induct 30 new girls in 2018-19 . Currently, USF is supporting 167 Shalinis at the Kurukshetra Chapter.

It was in 2008, that Udayan Care thought of opening a new Home Child Care Institution (CCI) ‘Udayan Ghar for Girls’ at Kurukshetra, to help and support girls in need of care and protection. The home started in a rented house with just 2 children, but soon had the home resounding with the laughter of more little girls. It was such a lovely experience of observing the development of children from early age to teens.

It was in 2015-16, ASOS, UK, our long term partners and donors agreed to fund the purchase of land and construction of a building in Kurukshetra, for Udayan Ghar as well as for USF. In 2017, the newly built, building was dedicated to the children, by Ms. Louise McCabe, Head CSR, ASOS. The first and second floor is reserved for Udayan Ghar, while the ground floor is for office and reception. There are also solar panels on the roof.

In 2017, while constructing the building, we approached ASOS with a request to fund a computer centre too in the basement, where Udayan Ghar girls, USF girls and other girls from the community can be trained on necessary IT skills. They readily agreed to fund the IT Centre too and in 2017, we started operating the computer centre in the same complex.