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South Delhi

History of the Chapter

Delhi being the cosmopolitan city is a blend of various societies, dialects, migrants, and refugees. The state constitutes to be the most noteworthy populated capital in the world. Amidst this blend of population, a group of good Samaritans came together and established Udayan Care- an organization determined to empower vulnerable children, women and youth in 1994 in South Delhi.

The initiative formally started with the commencement of the first Udayan Ghar in Sant Nagar, South Delhi and Dr. Kiran Modi (founder, and managing trustee, Udayan Care) as their mentor mother. Before long, other women joined the cause as mentor mothers and left no stone unturned in supporting the orphaned and abandoned girls who had found a new home in Udayan Ghar, and building a sense of belongingness in them.

Before long in the coming years, the endeavors amplified and Udayan Care homes increased in South Delhi. Two more Udayan Ghars, homes for girls, were set up in Mehrauli in the year 1999 and 2010.

Acquainted of our first home, the street of Sant Nagar soon became the host of another home- Udayan Ghar-XIII for girls in 2012. The children from both the homes accept the other home as a close relative’s home.

Not limited to Udayan Ghars only, UdayanCare extended its reach to the community in South Delhi, and established the Kishwarna Udayan Care Computer learning Centre in Badarpur in 2007.

Later, the South Delhi Chapter of USF was started in 2014, with  a committed team of core committee members under leadership of its Convenor, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, who happens to a member of Advisory Board too.