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History of the Chapter

Bringing sunshine into the lives of vulnerable is the sole motto of Udayan Care. We are working in various spaces to assist our community wherever needed. Noida is one of the prime locations of Uttar Pradesh and has a very non-uniform population. It is a mixed breed of developed and destitute community.

With our unshakable spirit to bring positive changes to the destitute community, we opened one Udayan Ghar(Boys) in 2007 for children without families and a similar one for girls in 2008 at Noida. The Home offers care and protection to these children and makes them feel at home.

We started one new chapter of Udayan Shalini Fellowship in 2019 at Noida. It aims to support the higher education of girls who are socially or economically challenged. It also offers very robust training and mentoring to enable the girls to get a job. Currently, USF is supporting 50 Shalinis at the Noida Chapter.

We established an IT center at Bhangel, Noida in 2013 with a mission to provide computer education and vocational courses at economical costs for the financially challenged youth of the area. Hilton Engineers Pvt Ltd supported us in all possible forms to sustain the learning center and increase employability in the area.