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Revolutionizing Change

Era Srivastava (an intern at our Head Office)
Era Srivastava

'Don't talk, just act. Don't say, just show. Don't promise, just prove' seems to be Udayan Care's mantra. The organization has proved to me that if you really want to bring a change it just requires a genuine and consistent effort.

We all with our normal hectic life don't realize, (or worse) even if we realize we can't manage to devote time for less fortunate, especially kids who don't even have the right direction to lead a good life.

Udayan Care—on other hand—is committed to serving & caring for these kids and the less fortunate. It is only after my few visits to the homes that I realized the intensity of the organisation’s contribution to the society. I was overwhelmed meeting the kids.

Each kid is being raised with so much of love that it reflects in his or her eyes, words and actions. Udayan Care is an organisation, which believes in genuine work, and caring for kids the way we care for our kids. Kudos for the great contribution and amazing love and care that you provide to kids.