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Rohit's Story

Take the stones people throw at you, and use them to build a monument!

“Just as the sky has no limits there aren’t any limits to what we will gain via our potentials, all it takes is a great beginning and methods to triumph over our fears.” This is the journey of Rohit – a three-year-old boy found abandoned who had no memory of his parents. He was shifted to a children’s home in Alipur. He grew up to be inquisitive about getting practical knowledge and had great technical skills. After completing the 10th standard he was admitted to an Air Conditioner (AC) repairing course so that he can get employed to lead an independent life. After a month he was not willing to continue the course because of his fear of the English language. After continuous counselling and mentoring by the AOP team he found a way to overcome his fear and effectively completed the course. Today Rohit is working at TATA and is now more participative in the AOP workshops.