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Advocacy Research and Training

The A.R.T (Advocacy, Research & Training) programme works towards ensuring and enhancing the rights of children without parental care. While our practice on child and youth care is in India, our advocacy efforts have a larger South Asian and international focus. We believe in people-centric advocacy that enables civil society members and organisations to take responsibility to improve the situation of children. Our Program objectives are:

• Influence policy and decision-makers through seminars, consultations and networking, rooted in evidence-based research and practice on different aspects of Alternative Care for OHC (Out-of-Home Care) children.

• Conduct and facilitate research and publications in Alternative Care.

• Increase capacities of stakeholders through training, for better standards of care in Alternative Care practices.

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Udayan Care Emergency Response Fund

Let Care spread faster than Corona

Udayan Care extends a helping hand to its Shalini Fellows families with essential supplies support

Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) programme supports deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic backgrounds aiming to transform them into empowered and dignified women through financial and mentoring support. Over 8500 girls across 21 chapters in India proudly call themselves 'Shalinis' today.

During this anxious time, our Shalinis are challenged in securing basic essentials during the lockdown as their parents, often daily wagers, shop owners or non-permanent workers are unable to go out to work and earn to feed their families.

This is the time for us to reach out to our girls and let them know they are cared for. All it takes to provide the basic essentials of groceries like wheat flour, rice, lentils, oil, medicines etc. to a family is Rs 2000 for one month.

Please help us help our girls during this hour of need.

(50% tax exemption certificate under 80G will be provided to Indian donors)

Let Promises overcome the Pandemic

COVID19 has affected so many lives, more so in the case of those already vulnerable.

Even after the lockdown is over, shadows of uncertainty will remain in the form of the economic fallout. We need more helping hands than ever in this difficult phase.

At Udayan Care, we care and nurture 250 children and young adults without parental care at our 17 Udayan Ghars and two aftercare facilities. While we're doing our best to mentor and support them, we need your support to assure them they will have their childhood, their security, their education back in the post COVID world.


50% tax exemption certificate under 80G will be provided to Indian Donors.

Udayan Ghars

‘Udayan Ghars’ are residential homes for Children without parental care, where they are nurtured in a family like environment. Your generosity goes a long way in helping us provide the opportunities that children need to develop holistically, such as nutritious food, clothing, a home to call their own and admissions in schools.

Udayan Shalini Fellowship

USF mentors and funds the education of girls from underprivileged backgrounds, builds their confidence and helps them blossom into independent young women. Through USF, we pave the way for girls to complete their Higher Secondary, college education, professional courses or vocational trainings.

General Donation

Your contributions bolster our organisation's strength and build our capacity to touch the lives of thousands. We offer flexible donation options, making it easy for you to invest in the future of a child or youngster. You can make a one-time donation, a monthly one or an annual contribution. This fund enables us to fill any gaps where monetary assistance is required and also supports unsponsored projects.

Pragnya Programme

The Pragnya Programme cultivates academic excellence in Udayan Care beneficiaries with drive, through the powerful combination of financial assistance and industry-specific mentoring by successful professionals. Fellows are supported in their pursuit of post graduation and technical studies by availing them easy loans. Pragnya empowers young men and women to commit to their academic excellence, whilst doing their bit to serve society.

IT Programme

We have 14 centres across 3 states, located in densely populated low-income colonies, that offer various IT courses on subjects such as DTP, Tally, Microsoft, graphic designing and other certified courses, as well as sessions to improve the spoken English and life skills of participants. These centers serve as a platform where needy youth can access technology and use it as a tool for self-empowerment.

Skills Centre

At our centres, we facilitate women from weak sections of society to improve their competency in skills that enhance their employability through courses such as IT, graphic design, stitching, beauty therapy and paper craft.